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Narrow access Mini Excavator Hire for Trenching Excavations Perth and all Perth Metropolitan area from Rockingham in the south to Joondalup in the 



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Trenching Services

Wa Mini Excavations we are ideal for all your trenching needs. With our 1.2 tonne mini Excavator we are able to excavate trenches for Electrical lead in conduit. Or trenches for Natural Gas , Sewer Drainage and water main connections.

We carry with us a 300mm trenching bucket which is ideal for most trenching excavations which has removable teeth which can be quickly installed where needed.

Being a small micro excavator we can fit into most Narrow access areas able to access an 800mm opening. and with a fold down ROPS approved barwe can access under short roof areas.

Trenching Services

Detailed Excavations

Detailed Excavations.

WA Mini Excavations can provide Detailed Excavations that need to be Excavated to a plan for concrete slabs or footings.We have both 300mm and 450mm sand buckets to allow for neat detailed footing Excavations. Also with the Tackeuchi TB210R 1.2 tonne Mini Excavator being a small machine it leaves less footprint on already levelled sand pads.

Soak well Excavations.

Mini Excavator with Narrow Access for your Soak Well Excavations & Installations in all Perth metropolitan area. WA Mini Excavations are ideal for your soak well excavations where access is tight or you have narrow access through gate openings. We can access through 800mm openings and with our fold down canopy our Mini Excavator can access under low structures. If you are using concrete soak wells i dont have the ability to lift them but if they are placed in area where they are to be installed i can excavate them onto place. up to 1200mm concrete soakwells can be done this way.

Soak well Excavations & instalations

Block lifting/ laying 

Block lifting/laying 

Wa Mini Excavations are able to assist with your block laying needs i have a block lifter available able to help lay limestone blocks. best suited to blocks 500mm x 350mm can lift in most situations though can lift 1000mm x 350mm in restricted capacity.​

Tree stump removals

Mini Excavator Hire with Operator for Tree Stump Removals or Tree Transplants in Perth and all Perth Metropolitan area

Tree Stump Removals or Tree Transplants. Do you need Tree Stumps Removed we are able to do this with our 1.2 tonne Tackeuchi Mini Excavator. We can also access Tight Narrow Access areas as narrow as 800mm to access the area you need. With our late model high performance Mini Excavator we will achieve the results that you require. 

Cable locating

Cable & pipe location of buried services. WA Mini Excavations are trained in location of buried services with our Radio detection CAT4 Transmitter and Genny we can locate underground buried services such as Power, Phone lines (copper), water pipes (copper)

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