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Finding a wet rental mini digger that's able to complete tough backfilling and excavation jobs where space is limited can be a challenge.

Mini excavator for all your narrow access earth moving Excavation Perth

Our wet hire excavator rental is ideal for soakwells or arborist jobs (removing tree stumps and excess vegetation, for example). A great option for household excavations such as sunken fish ponds or trampolines, we are also able to complete trenching for utility cables, pipework excavations, levelling work and garden makeovers. Available for hire up to 100km from Warnbro, we offer dependable, cost-effective excavations for domestic and commercial use.

We can help. As a small, owner-operated company that specialises in limited access detailed excavation, our skilled wet hire and compact excavators enable us to work on sites where access is tight. Our Takeuchi mini digger can pass through gaps as small as 800mm - about the same size as a household gate or door. Ideal for detailed excavation, we combine powerful performance with a skilled operation.

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We know that site safety is always a priority. The owner-operator of our equipment is a former site safety officer and accident investigations team member. As such, he has extensive knowledge and experience in ensuring safe working in any location. That, coupled with skilled vehicle operation, ensures that your work is completed successfully and safely. When you call us for a detailed earthworks quote, you will be speaking with the person that's going to be doing your work, ensuring you end up with a reliable quote from someone that has a first-hand knowledge of what's needed.

Safe mini digger plant hire Excavation Perth 

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