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4 July 2018

​In the Classroom

Identifty, Locate and protect underground services - 

Spent the day in the classroom today sitting my certivicate RIICCM202D Identify, locate and protect underground services. some thing i have wanted to do for a while. I am now able to locate services on residential & commercial properties before excavation works start. gives me the ability to locate power, phone lines water pipes to avoid damage and potential injury.

Soon i will be offering this as part of my service once the scanning equipment arrives. that means all our clients can be reasured we have their best interests for property assets protected before starting to excavate.


5 April 2018 

​Trenching in Byford

Started my day in Hilton, WA, where I helped a fencing contractor dig out a fence. And on my home, I got an urgent call to Byford for an urgent footing job.

I must say, it wasn’t a bad day for it.

But we dont just service these areas we will work all over the Perth Metro area from Mandurah in the South to Burns beach in the north.

11th June 2018

​Excavating for Sewer connection in Rockingham 

We were called out to Rockingham Beach this morning to help ou a local Plumber with the job of connecting the Sewer to an existin place that had been still using septic system.

helped to locate pre layed sewer connection and trench through to where house needed to be connected.

We service all areas of Perth from Joondalup in the North to Pinjarra in the South.

Coming soon

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